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i am the b.tch, and you love me!

the banshee
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treat people with kindnesss.

eszti. stressed teen. infp-t. a s s a s i n. hufflepuff. saggitarius. ariana grande-butera. harry edward styles.  l i l i   p a u l i n e   r e i n h a r t.  j a m e s.  lily james. dylan o'brien. skins. anne with an e.  e l i t e. sex education. that '70s show. the 100.  i am not okay with this.  r i v e r d a l e. gossip girl. skam. stranger things, euphoria.  outer banks.  p e r i o d  d r a m a s. dead poets society. mamma mia (2). call me by your name. titanic. r o c k e t m a n. cinderella (live action!!) love rosie. grease. how to lose a guy in 10 days.  b e f o r e  s u n r i s e. little women. the wedding planner. hustlers. pál utcai fiúk. to all the boys i've loved before (book). e f f y   s t o n e m. stiles stilinski. blair waldorf. donna sheridan.  mini mcguinness. raven reyes.  e c h o   k o m   a z g e d a. maeve wiley. john murphy. steven hyde stanley barberanne shirley. g i l b e r t   b l y t h e.  ander muñoz.  jackie burkhart. justin foley. diana barry. jerry baynard. j j   m a y b a n k. carla roson.  barchie. murven. freffy. m a l o. shirbert. stydia. jackie + hyde. chair. t r o y e l l a (!!!). have courage & be kind. tell me a bedtime story, covey. life is short, the world is wide & i want to make some memories. men are rats. we accept the love we think we deserve. thank you for the music.