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I don't really wanna know what's good for me...

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IGGY AZALEA   @thenewclassic  queen of rap   #azaleanforlife  ⋯ TOP 10 SONGS: savior    work     team   sally walker   started   hey iggy   impossible is nothing   never satisfied  ≫ survive the summer   black widow  ⋯  'Music is art to me, and you don't censor art. You don't go into a museum and censor things.'  ⋯ ALBUMS:  digital distortion  ≫ the new classic  ≫ reclassified   4 my ratz   survive the summer   ignorant art  trapgold   glory  ⋯  'I naturally want to be provocative.'   ⋯  TOP 5 MUSIC VIDEOS: started   black widow   savior   sally walker   mo bounce  ⋯ 'Got my name all in your mouth, how does it taste? Say hi to the middle man, hello to the bad guy'

CARDI B ⋯ @iamcardib empress #bardigang TOP 10 SONGS:  bodak yellow   money    press ≫ wish wish    get up 10   backin' it up    be careful    red barz   no limit   motorsport  ⋯  'I used to worry a lot. I still worry a lot, but not about the things that I used to worry about because my younger self, I didn't regret anything that I ever did... I was happy, and I was free, and I was living it up.'  ⋯ ALBUMS: invasion of privacy     gangsta bitch music, vol. 2      gangsta bitch music, vol.1 ⋯  'I'm an emotional gangster. I cry once every month.' ⋯ TOP 5 MUSIC VIDEOS: money ≫ bodak yellow  ring   be careful   la modelo ⋯  'Cardi B on the charts, you can expect that'

SAWEETIE  ⋯ @saweetie  ⋯ #icygrl  ⋯ TOP 5 SONGS: icy grl   up now   my type  emotional   pissed  ⋯  'Yeah you did it, love you mama, look how I turned out to be'  ⋯ LIL' KIM  ⋯  @lilkimthequeenbee  ⋯ #blackbarbie  ⋯ TOP 5 SONGS: the jump off   lighters up   magic stick  ≫ go awff   kimnotyze  ⋯  'A lot of people let me down... A lot of people I thought were my friends turned on me.'  ⋯ REMY MA  ⋯ @remyma  ⋯ #queenofny  ⋯ TOP 5 SONGS: conceited   all the way up   lean back   madness   shether  ⋯  'I never was a person that said, 'I'm gonna be a rapper.' I thought I would be a doctor. I just knew how to rap, and it was a cool thing to do, so I started doing it for fun.'  ⋯ NICKI MINAJ  ⋯  @nickiminaj  ⋯ #queen  ⋯ TOP 5 SONGS: good form   chun li   barbie tingz   all things go   moment 4 life   ⋯  'Respect your haters, they’re the only ones who think you’re better than them.'

QVEEN HERBY  @qveenherby  ⋯ qveen  ⋯ #qveendom  ⋯ TOP 10 SONGS: sade in the 90s   mint    busta rhymes    alone    mozart   bde   livin the dream   all these hoes   bank  ⋯  'People talk shit when they be feelin' insignificant, Tonic to  the nerves, they don't care who gets hurt.'  ⋯ ALBUMS:  ep 6   ep 5   ep 3    ep 4    ep 2    ep 1  ⋯  'If you want it, you can have it, ring it up, I can bag it'  ⋯  TOP 5 MUSIC VIDEOS: mozart   sade in the 90s   all these hoes   bde   busta rhymes  ⋯  'Got a lot I wanna say, a library.'  ⋯  KARMIN  ⋯ @karminmusic  ⋯  #thenoonans  ⋯ TOP 10 SONGS:  didn't know you   riverbend   dance with you   blame it on my heart   i want it all   along the road   sugar   come with me   pulses   acapella   ⋯  'Oh, before we fly we have to fall, I guess I didn't know you at all'  ⋯  ALBUMS: leo rising   pulses   hello   ≫  karmin covers, vol. 1   the winslow sessions    inside out  ⋯ 'We  said goodbye and  then we smiled  through a lie'  ⋯  TOP 5 MUSIC VIDEOS:  hello   pulses   i want it all  didn't know you   sugar  ⋯ 'Sometimes a wrong feels right'

LANA DEL REY  ⋯ @lanadelrey  ⋯  angel  ⋯ #brooklynbaby ⋯  TOP 10 SONGS: born to die   young and beautiful    white mustang    get free   gods and monsters   video games    the blackest day   brooklyn baby    summertime sadness  ≫  national anthem   ⋯  'They judge me like a picture book by the colors, like they forgot to read.' ⋯  ALBUMS:  lust for life     born to die     born to die: the paradise edition    ultraviolence   honeymoon    lana del ray a.k.a. lizzy grant  ≫  sirens   ⋯  'When you’re an introvert like me and you’ve been lonely for a while, and then you find someone who understands you, you become really attached to them. It’s a real release.'  ⋯  TOP 5 MUSIC VIDEOS: born to die  ≫  high by the beach  ≫  love  ≫  ride  ≫  national anthem  ⋯  'No matter how many people give me advice, I am going to do what my heart tells me to do'