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Cara is my Mistress
StátuszCaptivated by Tabrett.
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Az interjú nehezen olvasható, itt van a nagyja:
Where does your name come from?
It’s Welsh.

Does it mean anything?
It’s actually a street in Kogarah.

The Welsh discovered a street in Kogarah?
[Laughs] Probably, who knows?

Have you been there?
To Wales? No.

No, I mean, have you been to Tabrett St.?
Yes, I have. I’ve got one of the street signs in my room.

How does a girl, named after a street, become one of Australia’s top lingerie models?
Being marketed the right way by your agent has a lot to do with it, and I suppose, just keeping in shape.

It’s got nothing to do with how much the lingerie likes clinging to you?
I’m a bit voluptuous, so I guess it does.

Have you ever looked so hot at a photo shoot that the photographer couldn’t concentrate?
[Laughs] I don't think that would ever happen, because they shoot beautiful women all the time,
I do remember once, though, doing a swimwear shoot with another model, and shortly after we got started he, umm...
got a bit excited. I wasn't quite sure if it was happening, because I was trying not to look down,
but I could tell by everybody else’s faces what was going on. I felt so sorry for him. It was funny, but gosh, the poor guy.

Does that happen often, say, when you’re standing next to a guy at a bus stop?
I don’t know, I try no to look at guys’ crotches when I’m catching public transport.

We hear you’re pretty big in Indonesia?
[Laughs] I probably will be since I did an ad there for a brand (?) products called Lady Americana, which hasn’t aired yet,
but its quite risque for a Muslim country. I meet this guy at a club, and we got (?) but when he asks to come home with me I say,
“Sorry, my lady is waiting.” So there’s this kind of insinuation, and the next thing you see is me rolling around in bed and
I’m having a really good time. Then the camera pans out, and I’m (?) - with my Lady Americana product.

Have you ever lived overseas in a model house with a bunch of the World finalists?
No, I worked in Germany for a while and they don’t really have model houses set up there like they do in Italy and France.

Did you do lots of weird photo shoots in Germany, wearing leather lingerie and being forced to work at 4am?
Not at all, [Germans] are actually really friendly and easygoing.

Do you wear lingerie on Spin TV (a late night TV program she did)?
No, I interview sports stars and DJ's each of the hosts has their own night club, which we go to every week to interview the stars and the DJ,
and take a look at what’s happening.

How do you think you’ll go interviewing people who are a little bit…not sober?
It could be interesting. We’ll look for the person having the most fun, and whether they’re sober, pissed or otherwise
will be something we’ll deal with at the time. But, I don’t think it’s the kind of place where we’ll be talking to people who are too…lost for words.

Are you a bit of a clubber yourself?
I don’t mind the occasional night of putting on my dancing shoes and rocking it to the early hours.

Do you like the bush?
I don’t mind the bush occasionally. I worked at the Country Music Festival in (?) a few years ago.

Did you get on it a bit?
Of course I did, it’s the standard procedure,
but I didn’t drink as much as the locals. They’ll wake up early in the morning at six and start drinking then they’d kick on until midnight.
They did that for five days straight.

What do you think of country boys?
They’re certainly different. They have different values and (?) (?) rather than appreciating (?) (?) and Gucci (?).
I’d have to say that they’re sometimes more fun than city boys.

Would you date a guy who drove a (?) ?
I have. If he’s a great guy (?),
that’s fine, but I might try to sway him to get something else like a Honda S2000.

What if he had a sheep dog, and it slept on the end of his bed?
I am dog-friendly, but if it was an ugly smelly mutt, I might have a problem with it.

Do you rate country music?
I don’t mind it, a bit of Lee (?) and Kenny Rogers is great.

Have you ever made Dinner?
No. Do I cook? No. I eat stuff that doesn’t need to be cooked, or I convince someone else to cook for me.

Can you pitch a tent?
I’ve only just learnt how to. I didn't really understand that you have to pitch on flat ground, so I spent the whole night on a (?), which was quite annoying.
But I love my hair dryer and my hair and my shower, so I don’t go camping on a regular basis.

Would you survive if you were suddenly dropped into the middle of the bush?
I could survive in any situation.

Yeah? What would you do for food?
Well, hopefully I’d be near water and I’d be able to strangle a few fish.

Strangle, eh? You should have your own show. Bush Tucker Bethell?
[Laughs] That’s right, I could show you how to catch fish and, I don’t know, eat some worms of something.
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Average Girl
Average Girl
Lady of the Ñoldor
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