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He rolled up, asked him what he was sipping on, he said lean, you want to hit it, dawg. that's the same stuff weezy's sipping huh and tons of other rappers that be spitting hard yup, yup five up on it when he passed him that styrofoam the easter pink, heard it in a rhyme before. finally got to see what all the hype was on and then he took a sip, sitting in the lincoln thinking he was pimping as he listened to the system. little did he know that it was just as addictive as bass. not the kind of hit from the kick drum hot box, let the bass bump, take it to the face, gulp. months later the use went up every blunt was accompanied by the pink stuff, but goddamn he loved that feeling. purple rain coated in the throat just so healing medicine alleviate the sickness. liquid affix and it comes with a cost. wake up, cold sweat, scratching, itching. trying to escape the skin that barely fit him gone, get another bottle just to get a couple swallows. headed towards the bottom couldn't get off it didn't even think he had a problem though he couldn't sleep without getting nauseous. room spinning thinking he might of sipped just a little bit too much of that cough syrup. his eyelids closed shut. sat back in the chair clutching that cup. girlfriend came and a couple hours later said his name, shook him but he never got up..
macklemore x ryan lewis : otherside