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  • 2014. július 31.
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I'm a little bit of bitch :*

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"I told people before that some people grow up watching wrestling from day 1, that wasn't my case and I grew up as always as an athlete I did powerlifting, cheerleading in school and college, it was in college when I had a friend whom was Obsessed with wrestling, he told me that I have to come to a show, I told him okay I'll go. We had front row tickets and I was like OMG this what I wanted to do I figured out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was so excited, there was this perfect hybrid of athleticism and beauty as a women wrestler. This what you get to do is look beautiful and kick some ass, how frecking cool is this! This is my dream job and I'll do whatever to get in that ring and that's what I did." 

- She is the Hot Mess