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 "A girl who can not dance says the band can not play."

"Can there be a greater happiness on earth as the angels dance imitate ?!"

"Only I can dance the most sublime things like ride."

"One of the chaos within him to a dancing star reborn."

"The art of movement, dance and the people within: direct expression of the overall effect."

"Each day is considered to be lost, which we did not dance."

"When you dance, you live ... if you live, you dance."

"If you do not have the legs in place, the heart is there."

"Dancing to me is like life:
sometimes smooth and soft,
sometimes lively and engaging,
when there is a hard and very difficult ...
but never give up. "

"The big dancers do not become great because of the technique, but their passion."

 Is there a way to straining erőlködsz?
I have to sing, not to care, to give him money
They must love, as if it never will hurt,
They have to dance like no one's watching,
Must come from your heart, if you want to be good.?

"... To stop dancing all the energy that is released in you. Thy whole body will be full of energy, let this energy be expressed through dance. Dance is very important ..." (Osho)

"A sweaty dance work? First they try and attempt ago. Researchers perfection. Many days to complete, only then around fatigue. Takes time until you manage to dance the way you would like to buy and manage to create something lasting."

"When you dance, you live ... if you live, you dance."

  "The world of dance is in a nutshell. Goodness, power, and slowness with one enber like this, the other, but no, everyone does not like me to dance ..."

"He lives in hope dances without music."

"It's not that people are the ones who want to dance., To those who have to dance."

"If you look at our dance, hear the words of our hearts."

"During the dance can be anything you want to be at the moment."

"Are you for the dance, the dance is not for you, and I will use it while you can."

"I do not have to dance like no one's watching, must come from the heart, if you want to be good." 

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