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  • 2017. október 30.
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  • bad bleep.
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  • literally anything ; ariana grande ; harry styles ; lana del rey ; the euphoria soundtrack ; wallows ; conan gray ; mac demarco, queen ; elton john; taylor swift ; the nbd ; abba.
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  • '70s fashion, music & vibe ; euphoria ; astrology ; my friends & my favs ; tiktok ; crystals ; getting to know people ; music ; rain ; barchie & murven.
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  • Ariana Grande Harry Styles Lili Reinhart Lily James

heaven sent you to me.

the banshee
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men are like desert... i adore desert! i love men. i think men are the coolest. but you don't really need them to live...


my mom said to me once you know sweetheart one day you should settle down and marry a rich man. i said mom i am a rich man.

SOROZATOK  & FILMEK: skins, euphoria, anne with an e, sex education, the 100, elite, that '70s show, i am not okay with this, stranger things. war & peace, high school musical: the musical - the series, gossip girl, the white princess, skam, reign, the last czars, big little lies, the white queen, the society, scream queens. outer banks, the spanish princess, deadly class, the end of the f***ing world, teen wolf, pretty little liars, 13 reasons why, riverdale, i haven't finished these yet but: the vampire diaries, avatar: the last airbender, glee, you, outlander, american horror story, looking for alaska, twin peaks, victoria, shadowhunters. mamma mia!  dead poets society, rocketman, call me by your name, mamma mia! here we go again,  it  (2017),  titanic, grease, love, rosie, cinderella (2015), how to lose a guy in 10 days? 1917, emma., pál utcai fiúk, the perks of being a wallflower, romeo + juliet, little women, before sunrise, harry potter, jojo rabbit, mean girls, donnie darko. hustlers, ophelia, high school musical, i, tonya, lady bird, baby driver, life of pi, bohemian rhapsody. dunkirk. amelie. black swan, lemonade mouth, 10 things i hate about you, juno, 13 going on 30, clueless. sixteen candles, heathers. hustlers, mary queen of scotts, carrie. 

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