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Knocking on heaven's door

Daniel Richter
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Thank you for taking a look!

There's not much to say about me but let's just mention a few things. I was born in Debrecen, and it doesn't matter I don't live there, I'm still proud of it. Since I learned what a glorious town it was and how many great persons lived, studied or worked there, I'm waiting to be a citizen of that beautiful city once more.


Music is my life, I can't imagine a single day without listening to a playlist full of my favorite tracks. When I was younger I dreamed of being a singer or a songwriter one day, but then I recognized I'm not talented enough. I learned to sing for like a year but then I gave it up cause I found another hobby and a new dream, thanks to Tim Bergling, (professionaly known as Avicii.) When I started listening to his music I thought, why not try it myself? I spent six years trying to figure out what kind of DAW, (digital audio workstation), could work for me. Due to my blindness there was no softvare that worked but I never gave up my dream of being a music producer one day. I listened to Avicii, Zedd, Swedish House Mafia, and Nicky Romero, but after a while I started searching for something that's not the popular mainstream that everyone listenes to. These days I listen to Deep House, artists like Nigel Stately, Costa Mee, Nikko Culture or Pete Bellis, but sometimes I listen to popular Rock hits of the 1990s, Guns Enn Roses or Scorpions, too. Bon Jovi is a favourite too.

Thanks to the Deep House mixes I've found and listened, I recognized that my true passion is not creating my own tracks but mixing others' work. I've spend months browsing the AppStore for some accessible DJ Apps and I've found one, at last! It's developed by a Russian company, and fully accessible for the blind too! So I am collecting my favorite songs, and trying to improve my skills in the art I've always wanted to master.


Due to my blindness I am not into movies but there are a few exceptions, films that I can watch without the help of a sighted fellow, these are Amadeus, Troy, the Harry Potter franchise and Magyar vándor. I also love documentaries, mainly those that relate to history. I've read a lot about the world wars, am very keen on learning about military stuff.


I've a few favourite countries that I want to visit. I love Sweden, Norway and Denmark, but unfortunately I've not been to any of them yet. The Scandinavian languages are beautiful, planning to start learning them one day but this time I'll try Russian.

I do love computer games, but due to my blindness there's not many that actualy work. I play games that feature no graphycs at all, they give audio feedback only, these are designed for blind users. My brand new favourite is a Star Wars related one, called Clash of Lightsabers.

Again, thank you for taking a look, may the Force be with you ;)


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