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  • 2002. december 19.
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shit, i love you...

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             what we have here is a dreamer. someone compeletely out of touch with reality.            

kat; sagittarius; infp-t; QUEEN OBSESSED; ben hardy aka the love of my life (periodt!!!); guaranteed to blow your mind - anytime; 6 underground is a masterpiece; i love the borhap cast; falls in love too easily; realist, optimist, idealist; says 'but like' 24/7; harry styles is pure beauty; protect john richard deacon (born on august 19th 1951) at all costs; ROGER TAYLOR HOE - what a surprise; loves british accent; i adore black colour; sarcasm isn't an attitude, it's an art; gonna laugh on my pain type of person; boys don't like me back but i'm pretty so what- ; meme queen; tea >>> coffee; i L O V E being alone (i'm so introverted lmao); makes fun of everything; i love history and geography but i'm a dumbass; '70s - '00s era was the best; i want a bf just to cuddle with him; if you didn't realize yes i'm WEIRD; honesty is the most important; dc's legends of tomorrow