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Best Cheap Laser Measure For Real Estate Agents: Bosch GLM 20 Detailed Review

Taking accurate measurements is vital for correctly appraising homes, apartments, buildings, and other areas. If you fail to take precise measurements, it can lead to a huge business loss. Hence, the right estimations will enable you to bid correctly. Therefore, you need to use the most accurate laser measuring tool for accomplishing your tasks effectively and efficiently. Precision is not a thing to compromise when buying a professional tool.

However, selecting the right model is not as easy as it looks because of many model choices and their confusing features. Continue reading this post to get the best laser measuring device for your money right now!

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Why Do Appraisers Like Bosch?

Seasoned professionals rely on Bosch for purchasing high-quality laser distance meters. Undoubtedly, it is a leading company on the market offering a wide range of home improvement tools at a low price. Bosch offers more than nine different models for DIY enthusiasts to professional users. Therefore, we selected the Bosch GLM 20 as the best cheap laser distance measurer for real estate agents.

Bosch GLM 20 Features:  

The Bosch GLM 20 includes the following features, which make it a perfect tool for appraising tasks.

Most Precise Estimations:

Bosch GLM 20 is the best laser distance meter for those real estate agents who want to achieve the most accurate measurements. It can measure distance up to 65 feet with 1/8-inch precision. Furthermore, various unit choices allow operators to switch between meters, inches, or feet and inches. Hence, one can select the desired option according to appraising tasks.

Compact Size & Convenient Use:

Bosch GLM 20 enables users to take measurements with one button. Hence, real estate agents can estimate large buildings, homes, apartments, rooms, etc. It all has all essential features to tackle complicated projects conveniently and efficiently. Furthermore, the best laser measure for real estate has a compact design to fit in any pocket.

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Therefore, users can carry it without any trouble when working on large outdoor projects.

Real-Time Measurement: 

This laser distance meter offers live measuring that adjusts automatically when the operator moves farther or closer from a point. Default real-time measurement ensures users get the most precise outcomes to complete their jobs successfully. 

Backlit Display: 

It has a backlit display that provides high visible readings. You will find it the best digital laser tape measure for indoor and outdoor tasks because of its clear view. Therefore, this LDM will enable you to work in bright and lowlight conditions without any issue at all. 

Bright Laser Beam: 

Bosch GLM 20 includes a class II laser that consumes less than 1mW power output. However, it provides a bright laser beam that is visible from 65 feet away from the unit. Therefore, it will make you more productive than before. According to laser measuring tool reviews, its bright laser beam helps people complete their tasks accurately and efficiently.

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The Bosch GLM 20 offers a unique combination of accuracy, convenience, versatility, and efficiency. All of these benefits come at an affordable price. Hence, you do not need to spend extra money for accomplishing your appraising tasks like professionals. The top laser measure has a red button on the front to take measurements and turn on or off the device.


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