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How to write an essay?

You are not a famous humanist or great philosopher, and this weekend you have to write an essay. You are afraid? No need! Read the PayForEssay article and write intriguing text.
An essay is a literary or literary-scientific form through which the author expresses his point of view. Otherwise, it is a philosophical, critical, scientific, journalistic essay, most often written in prose, freely developing an explanation of a problem or fact, emphasizing a subjective approach and attaching great importance to a beautiful and original form of communication.

Before you start working on an essay, familiarize yourself with its essence and characteristics.
Subjectivism - an essay is a statement in which you present your individual point of view, but do not moralize, but only make you think.
Different topics - you can deal with issues related to culture, art, science, philosophy ...
Poetry - the composition is characterized by a literary way of forming a language, in which aesthetics plays an important role. It is about artistic, thoughtful creation of statements.
Loose, fragmented composition - but you need to make sure that it is not chaotic.
Genre-genre syncretism - the composition combines the features of many literary genres, which makes it difficult to classify it as one of the literary genres. It is worth emphasizing that you are not doing literary fiction.
Intertextuality - you can use amazing comparisons, paradoxical associations, quotes, references to other literary and cultural works, philosophical or historical allusions. You can also make free digressions, not necessarily closely related to the main topic.
It is also worth knowing that the essay is based on the principle of free association, so there is no chronological or thematic order or hierarchy of arguments presented. This is a series of mental contractions.
In it, you try to get to the bottom of things in order to find out the truth. The essay is open-ended, it does not have to end with a conclusion, but it should be included. You make a subjective choice of arguments, thereby signaling the existence of a problem and forcing the reader to think about it.
Essay classification
The division of essays by subject is quite detailed. We highlight, for example, travel, nature, critical, philosophical, historical essays ... And this does not end there. There are also "mixed" essays, historical and philosophical.
Remember one rather important criterion: essays are divided into formal and informal. Formal essays resemble a treatise or scientific dissertation (for example, scientific and historical essays), while informal (personal) essays are subjective - the author shows his individualism both at the level of language and content (such are interpretive essays).
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