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What is math for? 5 benefits of math for the mind

What is math for? This is, without a doubt, the question that students most often repeat from year to year. And before that, many parents do not know what to answer them, except that this is one of the main subjects that they must study and pass! The truth is that math is a key element for toddler development because it helps them shape their personality , be logical, and learn to reason.

Therefore, coinciding with the International Day of Mathematics, which is celebrated on March 14 under the slogan "Mathematics for a Better World", Smartick , the Spanish method of teaching mathematics and reading for children from 4 to 14 years old, he wants to add to the anniversary by answering the question: what is math for?

Speaking of them, many students associate the subject with difficult problems to be solved and abstract knowledge that they think they will not apply in adult life. Nevertheless, mathematics is constantly present in our daily life , starting with the calculation of the time allotted for any activity, or the assessment of the years of our friends and family. Many people ignore math for fear of its complexity, but if a person can ask essay help  in math, he will always conquer any difficulty.

In addition, in the academic section, mathematics is a science par excellence, since it is the basis of any scientific approach, regardless of discipline, be it in the fields of physics, statistics, or even history. But not only that, the study of this discipline has great advantages, sometimes unknown, for the mind:

1. They help analytical thinking . This is our standard thinking that helps us break down arguments into premises, observe existing relationships, and assess their validity. Faced with a mathematical problem, we collect data, analyze their relationship and provide a solution. The ability to understand math and find logical solutions will prepare our minds to solve real-world problems and make decisions, avoiding mistakes or deception.

2. Development of research skills . The above analytical thinking also contributes to an increase in the ability to explore and learn about the world around us. Mathematics forces us to reason with logical formulas using real data that are verifiable. It allows us to face the world, looking for answers based on evidence, not just beliefs or emotions.

3. They promote mental agility . To solve a math problem, you need to focus on finding a solution. This simple gesture, which is often repeated, trains concentration and therefore dexterity of the mind. This way you can make decisions faster, learn new concepts better, and deal with more complex situations that might otherwise be problematic.

4. Develops the ability to think . Studying mathematics as a child teaches us to think, that is, to explain how everything works. Analyzing ideas, organizing them and expressing them clearly and coherently is vital for others to understand what we want to convey to them.

5. Encourage wisdom and curiosity . It has always been said that mathematics is the mother of all sciences. Why? Because they are the foundation of many scientific and technical disciplines and many activities in our daily life. Without them, we would not be able to understand certain phenomena, such as money management, timing, or simply recipe cooking.

For Smartick founders Daniel Gonzalez de Vega and Javier Arroyo, it is important to understand mathematics from children, as "they help us develop competencies and skills that are very necessary for both academic success and to prepare for our personal and professional future." But each child needs to advance at their own pace and strengthen their math knowledge without the frustration that will make them understand and even love them. Its main ally in this goal: artificial intelligence, which allows personalized learning. He says that if a person cannot understand something, he should always seek help in mathematics .

Well, we hope you understand what mathematics is and why learn it.  



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