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Where to start from if I want to write my essay?

Students are perpetually bombarded by the subject of writing essay. It is inevitable to be requested to write an essay at some point and, let’s be realists, the procedure is not uncommon. The first exposure to essay writing may be a shocker; you may just remember you first essay evaluation which you were not proud of. This occurrence is common since learning to write an essay involves a lot of practice and experience. Guidance in the process is an essential component without a tutor, lecturer or essay assistant to monitor your writing, you may go down the wrong way and the only time you realize is after your essay has been evaluated. This process is no different from learning to drive: you must have a skilled instructor to guide you and you have to practice.

Even after getting your license your skills are still improving with every driving session. So too, is the world in which you write essay; without sufficient and continuous practice you would not be able to impress a reader who is looking for a good story. To answer the frequently asked questions of "how do I begin to write my essay?" or "where do I start?" you must understand the overall pattern and structure of essays. Like many other papers, essays follow the golden rule of possessing an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Perhaps, to fully understand how these parts come together, we can compare them eating out at a restaurant. To start we may order an appetizer that would help to introduce or make headway for the next part of the meal. The introduction of an essay plays a similar role since it gives the reader the central idea that is to be explained in the body of the essay.

Following the appetizer, the waiter would bring in the main course. This is the biggest part of the meal! So too is the body of the essay. It should include all of the main points geared towards explaining and justifying the central idea presented in the introduction of the essay. The meal then concludes with a delicious appetizer. This helps to wrap up the entire meal course and renders the meal complete. So too is the conclusion of an essay. It summarizes the main points and establishes a common, logical trend of thought from all of the information presented.

What else should I keep in mind?

When working on an essay, you are in fact trying to direct your thoughts to a particular crowd. Your approach should reflect the type of audience that you are planning to target. It is of no use writing an essay on democracy to students at the primary school level who may be keener to read about a visit to the ice-cream parlor. Tailoring and adjusting your essay to accommodate your readers would earn you the credits you deserve. Another aspect that must be considered is the use of factual statements to support your main idea. People would prefer to learn about the reality instead of just knowing your views and opinions. All information used in your thesis help must be backed by proper citation to avoid misunderstanding and to eliminate the chance of plagiarism. Credits must be given to the requisite owners! Your essay must be written in a grammatically correct manner. That is why, you should make sure that you re-read all your paragraphs carefully and that you make the necessary corrections needed.

It is also preferable to seek professional assistance so that your overall quality of writing would stand out in the crowd. After a thorough review by experts you may be totally surprised to see that you have overlooked many essential things that could have hampered you from getting an excellent evaluation.

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