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How Long to Write a 1000 Word Paper



Essays are usually of 300, 500, 700 and 1000 words. For how long to write a 1000 word paper, the writing process will take approximately 30 minutes. The research and thinking process could even take some days.

However, it is possible to write an essay in one day even in one hour. Good planning will ensure that the paper writer can write an essay within the stipulated time. A 1000 word college paper if it is written in the standard 12 pt. Times New Roman Font and double spacing should be 3 pages long. A 1000 words essay is not a lengthy paper, but if you are pressed for time and are writing within a stipulated time frame, 1000 words might seem a lot of words.

For how long to write a 1000 word paper, choose a topic that interests you. Make sure that your chosen topic can be easily discussed within the limit of 1000 words. When you have decided on a suitable topic, do research. For researching your paper, use the Internet for example the "paper writing help" website as well as libraries and the academic database

Avoid reading marginal information, and identify quotes and examples that can be useful, the sources must be identified in the text of the essay, and be fully referenced at the end.

Prepare an outline of your 1000 word essay. Write down the main points that you will include in your paper. If you have difficulty in meeting the 1000 word count, you can; paraphrase some sentences or insert details, insert parenthetical and add comments or longer quotes.

To minimize your writing time for how long to write a 1000 word paper, read information that is directly relevant to your paper and gather enough information to complete your essay.

Now start writing for how long to write a 1000 word paper by first preparing a rough draft. After writing your draft, check it thoroughly so that you can spot mistakes and identify changes that must be made. Ensure that your essay covers the issue that it is meant to. Eliminate the text that is not to the point and check for omissions.

Next write your thesis that explains your main argument to your reader and which is the main point around which your essay will revolve. Then create an introduction which must grab the attention of your readers and should be developed around your thesis.

After writing the thesis and the introduction for how long to write a 1000 word paper, start writing the body of the essay, and make sure that each paragraph is connected to your thesis. The body of the essay must provide evidence to support your thesis. Conclude with a paragraph that stresses the main parts of your 1000 words essay.


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