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It doesn't matter if you are on a big or small budget when transforming your kitchen, the fresh paint is a great way to add some colour and your personality. When choosing paint, look for kitchen paint that should be moisture resistant, durable, wipe clean, grease and stainproof. Create your happy place with the colour scheme of your choice, plain white walls or make some patterns.

Ideas for cabinets and worktops If you are not sure what type of cabinets and worktops are best for your kitchen, ask experts or have a look in the showrooms. Nowadays, there is a big choice of cabinets and worktops to satisfy everyone needs and budget. At the moment, the most popular option for worktops is quartz for its durability. Other choices are marble, granite, stainless steel and wood. Cabinets should match worktops to create an attractive appearance in your space. They can be made from glass, wood, stainless steel or laminate in any shade or colour you want.

Ideas for backsplash The kitchen is a functional space but can be a stylish one as well. Backsplash placed behind your cooker can add extra protection for the wall from splashes from cooking as well as make a statement with a unique design. To create an original backsplash you can choose metal tiles, ceramic or stone. A very popular choice for kitchen backsplash nowadays is copper tiles and stainless steel tiles. If you want a touch of elegance as well as durability and high-temperature resistance in your space use copper tiles for backsplash. On the other hand, stainless steel backsplash will brighten up your kitchen and add a modern and simple look as well as the illusion of space. So the choice is yours.

If you decide to choose copper tiles for backsplash is worth to buy handmade tiles with unique design. They will be more expensive than other kind of tiles, but copper tiles will stay with you for many years, and copper is a material which give positive effect for human health.

Types of flooring Kitchen flooring has to be durable and hard-wearing. You can choose porcelain tiles which are the hardest wearing as they are waterproof, stain-resistant, scratch-proof and easy to clean. Another choice is a natural stone which can last a lifetime, and wooden flooring which can add character to your space but is less durable than the other choices.

Natural daylight and lamps Lightning and getting the right level of brightness in the kitchen is as important as everything else. There is a wide range of lights to choose from such as ceiling lights, under-shelf lights, strip lights, under cabinets to make sure every part of the kitchen is well lit. Natural light coming through the windows is also needed in the kitchen.

Ventilation requirements for cooking Every kitchen needs home appliances sale adequate ventilation for general health reasons. There should be a window fitted and some extra fan above the cooker to reduce cooking smell and condensation.

Kitchen appliances While designing a new kitchen, you should remember to take care about coherent overall design for kitchen. Try to adjust the size of countertops and cabinets, and remember that designers claim that the best height is between 24 and 25 inches.

If you have small children in the house, remember to keep extra space for junior's dining chair. Allocate each element in such layout to create the impression of bigger interior by leaving open-spaces and using light colours on the walls. 


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