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careddi Supercritical,Supercritical CO2 Extraction machine at Careddi's site , one of the world's largest manufacturers of CO2 extraction systems serving the cannabis industry, is bringing its 600th CO2 extraction system into service for a new CBD and cannabis production company, Southern Extraction Laboratories LLC, in North Carolina. . The delivery of the system marks a milestone for careddi Supercritical, which developed and delivered its first extraction system in 2001. Today, careddi Supercritical has more CO2 production systems than any other manufacturer, with a total capacity of more than 3,000 tons of oil per year.

"Building our 600th system is something we're very proud of because it's more than just reaching a number for us. said Andy Joseph, president of careddi Supercritical, "This is a rare example of a stable market that has struggled since its inception to find level ground." "We recognize that demand creates opportunities, and as the demand for oil continues to rise, producers need to have confidence in the extraction systems that drive production and profitability."

The 600th system was delivered and commissioned at Southern Extraction Laboratories LLC in Dublin, N.C. The company used the launch of a pilot cannabis program to get the industry up and running statewide.Southern Extraction Laboratories is working with local farmers as an integrated processing facility dedicated to raw materials as well as the production of e-cigarettes, tinctures, topical products and other consumer products made from CBD and cannabis oil. With 2019 being the first full year of cultivation in the state, Southern Extraction Laboratories saw a need for processing services and chose careddi to build the system to jumpstart them and guide their growth.

"I did a lot of research before investing in a system for our business and determined that CO2 extraction was the method we wanted to use," said Jeffrey Smith, president of Southern Extraction Laboratories. "Finding the right partner is critical to developing a successful business, and careddi has more experience in this area of developing and building CO2 extraction systems than any other company. We are excited to work with careddi to get our operation up and running during the fall harvest and are confident that the system will not only provide what we need to get started, but will help us scale as the industry in North Carolina grows."

The 600th system delivered is the popular careddi supercritical model called The Transformer™. the Transformer™ is designed for mid-range production operations with plans to transition to higher volumes in the future. It is a fully automated, energy efficient system with a production capacity of up to 25 pounds (cannabis), 31 pounds (hemp) per day. Since the launch of The Transformer™ in 2012, careddi Supercritical has delivered over 170 similar systems to customers worldwide.

Even with steadily growing demand, entering the cannabis industry is still a big risk, and careddi Supercritical has a reputation for being a trusted and groundbreaking manufacturer of production systems that companies can rely on not only to develop customized production extraction systems, but also to be a partner far beyond the scope of their installation.

"The last thing a young company needs to worry about is whether their equipment manufacturer will be around next year. We take pride in our customers knowing that they can rely on us year after year to provide the best CO2 extraction technology and services that will allow them to continue to grow their business," added Joseph.

CO2 plant extraction systems produce a cleaner product than alternative extraction methods. CO2 simply evaporates from the extract, leaving no trace. Cleaner extracts give end users greater flexibility in producing a more differentiated, high-quality product line - an important advantage to the changing needs of today's educated cannabis consumers.

About careddi Supercritical

For nearly 20 years, careddi Supercritical has been designing and handcrafting the highest quality CO2 extraction systems in the industry. It has built and distributed more production CO 2 extraction systems than any other company in the world. Since 2001, careddi Supercritical has been designing, refining and manufacturing vegetable oil extraction systems utilizing subcritical and supercritical CO 2 - a cleaner, safer, purer and faster way to extract vegetable oils.

careddi Supercritical is owned by the husband and wife team of Andy and Kristen Joseph, both experienced engineers and welders. Andy began his career in the U.S. Navy working on nuclear submarine reactors. It was this experience and expertise that led to the development of the first cannabis extraction system in 2001. Kristen is a member of the ASTM D37 committee working to develop standards for the cannabis industry.


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