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Arbitrage is a trading method that involves finding price differences between two or more markets and taking advantage of them by purchasing in one and selling in another. This type of trading takes time and knowledge. Time because you have to make sure there really are price differences between exchanges; knowledge because you must calculate carefully which exchanges you should use based on liquidity, spreads, etc. To get started with crypto arbitrage, try out aggregators like Cointegration and Cryptarbitrage that make it easy to monitor multiple prices in multiple exchanges so you can spot opportunities faster than your competitors. You’ll also need some basic programming skills to create bots that can do your arbitrage for you automatically. If you want to build an arbitrage bot yourself, take a look at these open-source code examples. And if you’re ready to put theory into practice, check out our how-to guide on buying bitcoin and ether. We’ve got everything from advice on how to safely store cryptocurrency assets, to how cryptocurrencies work, including a step-by-step guide on buying BTC and ETH online using credit cards (it’s actually easier than you think). For example: Say that Ether trades at $300 on Coinbase (an exchange) while Bitcoin trades at $400—you would buy Ether with Bitcoin instantly. That trade nets you $100 immediately, but it costs about 1% of what you bought Ether for ($3 in fees). If you had instead used GDAX (Coinbase’s advanced trading platform), then you could have paid less than 1% in fees. The difference? GDAX offers 0% maker fees and only charges taker fees when market participants take liquidity out of the order book rather than putting it in. In other words, GDAX will charge a 0% fee if they fill your order immediately (taker), but they will charge a 3% fee if someone else places an order on top of yours (maker). Learn more about why we recommend GDAX here.

It’s No Secret that cryptocurrency trading has taken off in popularity recently. The surge in digital assets continues with no end in sight, and people are making a lot of money through their crypto investments. So how can you get in on it? Read on for some strategies you can use to start trading cryptocurrencies and help make yourself a winner today. You may never have thought about crypto arbitrage  trading before, but we’re here to change that! This guide will give you all of the information you need to know so that you can join in on all of the action and potentially become a big success at crypto trading. By reading through our tips and tricks, you’ll learn what it takes to trade successfully, including things like Why crypto trading works How crypto coins work How investors can win by investing in digital currency What tools are available for those who want to invest Whether or not you should invest your own money in cryptocurrencies And much more! We also offer our own tools that traders can use as they pursue their own profits from cryptocurrency investments. These include an advanced Cryptoscanner tool used by top-tier traders as well as an aggregator of news related to cryptocurrencies. With these resources, you’ll have everything you need to win out there when it comes time for cryptocurrency trading. You won’t believe how easy it is until you try it out for yourself!


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