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  • Roman Surman
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  • Joey Jordison Wednesday 13

Roman Surman életrajza

Feleségével Los Angelesben él.


2010-ben kiadták második lemezüket, a Women & Children Last-ot. A második lemezen nem ugyanaz a csapat dolgozott, mint az elsőn, hiszen sok tag 2004-ben véglegesen elhagyta a zeenkart, Roman a turnén segédkezett, mint gitáros.

Gunfire 76

A zenekar 2009-ben jött létre, melynek csupán egy albuma került kiadatásra, a Casualties & Tragedies, méghozzá az alapítás évében. Ugyan nem ért el kimagasló sikereket az együttes a mai napig létezik.

Wednesday 13

2011 óta Wednesday 13-nek segédkezik a zenekarban, komoly munkát fektetett be immáron öt albumba, tehát minden évben készítenek egyet. A legújabb, a Monsters of the Universe: Come Out and Plague 2015 januárjában jelent meg.

Wednesday 13's Weirdo a Go-Go: as Billy

Gunfire 76:

Casualites and Tragedies (2009)

Let's Kill The Hero
Casualties And Tragedies
Nothings All I Need
Los Angel-less
Rocket To Nowhere
Something For The Suffering
One More Reason To Hate You
Tell You Like It Is
What Did You Expect
Back To The Gutter
Get Me Through The Night

Wednesday 13

Calling All Corpses (2011)

Blood Fades to Black
I Wanna Be Cremated
Ghoul of My Dreams
One Knife Stand
Calling All Corpses
Miss Morgue
Silver Bullets
Bad at Being Human
London After Midnight
Candle for the Devil
We All Die
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Blood Fades to Black (Reprise)

Spook and Destroy (2012)

M.F.T.W. (Mother Fuck The World)
Halloween 13-13
Bad Things (Re-Recording 2012)
Rambo (Re-Recording 2012)
Mr. Motherfucker (Re-Recording 2012)
Curse of Me (Acoustic)
Bad Things (Suffocation Celebration Remix)
Rambo (Bullets And Bloodshed Remix)

The Dixie Dead (2013)

Death Arise (Intro)
Blood Sucker
Get Your Grave On
Curse the Living
Too Fast for Blood
Hail Ming
Coming Attractions
The Dixie Dead
Ghost Stories
Fuck You (In Memory Of...)
Carol Anne...They're Here
Hands of the Ripper
Death Arise (Overture)

Dead Meat: 10 Years of Blood, Feathers & Lipstick (2014)

Disc 1: Best of the Worst

Mr Motherfucker
I Love To Say Fuck
Bad Things
Scream Baby Scream
Gimme Gimme Bloodshed
From Here To the Hearse
I Wanna Be Cremated
Calling All Corpses
Something Wicked This Way Comes
The Dixie Dead
Get Your Grave On
Hail Ming
House By The Cemetery (Live)
Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell
It's a Wonderful Lie

Disc 2: Homesweet Demo-cide V.1.

I Walked With a Zombie
Creature Feature
Pieces of You
Post Mortem Boredom
House By the Cemetery
Homicide Dr.
I Want You Dead
Nothings Gonna Be Alright
Doomsday Afternoon
Bored Till Death
Brend New Hell (Nowhere)
Die Sci Fi
Till Death Do Us Party
A Moment of Violence
Morgue and Mindy" - 4:11
The Saw is Family
The World According To Revenge
My Homesweet Homicide
Upon This Noose
Motherfucker See, Motherfucker Do
Curse of Me
Rubber Mask
Teenage Wasteoid In Babylon
Horror Day
Spider Baby Crawl

Disc 3: Homesweet Demo-cide V.2.

Dead Carolina
Death Valley Superstars
Hello Goodbye Die
Rock N Roll is All I Got
Nightmare Man
My Demise
Silver Bullets
Save The Last Grave
I Wanna Be Cremated
We All Die
From Here To the Hearse
They Always Go For the Butcher Knife
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Be My Exorcist
Drug Me To Hell
Hanging By a Thread
Halloween 1313
What Ever You Got I'm Against It
Blood Fades To Black
Creep For Life
The Funeral Ball
As the Daylight Died (Summertime Suicide)
Bloodsucker Motherfucker
Curse The Living
Get Your Grave On
Ghost Stories
The Dixie Dead

Disc 4: Re-Animated Resurrected

All American Massacre (Skull Soup Mix)
Gimmie, Gimmie Bloodshed (Punishment & Cookies Mix)
No Rabbit In the Hat (Shotgun Solution Mix)
Put Your Death Mask On (Meat Hooker Mix)
Scream Baby Scream (Ghost Boo-Ty Mix)
Bad Things (Suffocation Celebration Mix)
Rambo (Bullets & Bloodshed Mix)
I Wanna Be Cremated (Fun In Funeral Mix)
Get Your Grave On (Abra-Cadaver Mix)
Hail Ming (Reign In Green Blood Mix)

Monsters of the Universe: Come Out and Plague (2015)

The Fall of All
Keep Watching The Skies
Astro Psycho - Galactic Blood-Drive
Come Out and Plague"
I Ain't Got Time To Bleed
Bloodline 666
Serpent Society
Bombs, Guns, Gods - This is a War"
Planet Eater: Interstellar 187
I Love Watching You Die
Into The Crop Circle
Over Your Dead Body 
The Arrival
Monsters of the Universe 

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