Cimorelli - Last Summer (Official Video)

Cimorelli - Last Summer (Official Video)

Dani: So Dani likes this guy a lot, but can't tell if he likes her or her friend, but they hang out and stay friends hoping it'll lead to something more.

Lauren: Lauren just seems super afraid to get into things with this new guy, maybe because she's afraid what happened in her last relationship will happen with this guy too so she ghosts him by running away. Maybe she's not ready.

Amy: Amy's hanging with what seems like your typical 'popular' pretty girls who are maybe treating Amy as less than them so Amy's like HELL NAH.

Lisa: Lisa's just having a crap ton of fun with this guy she likes and so they'll probs end up together.

Katherine: Katherine likes this guy but she isn't 100% sure about it so she confides in her sister and says go for it and so she does and it works out and it's cuteness overload.

Christina: She dates a douchepants and seems to realize it but holds off for awhile contemplating breaking up and then she finally does.

Sztárok a videóban: Lisa Cimorelli, Katherine Cimorelli, Christina Cimorelli, Dani Cimorelli, Amy Cimorelli, Lauren Cimorelli

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