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  • tehetség: 95%
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  • Születési név
  • Daniel Patrick Adair
  • Születési idő
  • 1975. február 19.
  • Születési hely
  • Vancouver, Kanada
  • Foglalkozás
  • dobos, énekes
  • Családi állapot
  • nős
  • Partner
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  • Magasság
  • 185 cm
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Daniel Adair életrajza

Korai élet

Daniel Adair 1975. február 19.-én látta meg a napvilágot Vancouverben, Kanadában. 13 éves korában kezdett el dobolni tanulni és kezdetben egy fúziós zenekarban játszott.


Az első albumát 1999-ben vették fel a Martone nevezetű bandájával. 2002-ben egy sikeres meghallgatásnak köszönhetően került be a 3 Doors Down zenekarba, ahol természetesen a dobos szerepét tölthette be. Több albumuk is lett, melyből az egyik 14 országba eljutott. 2005-ben lehetőséget kapott hogy otthagyhatja a 3 Doors Downot, mégpedig hogy a híres Nickeblack zenekarnak a dobosa lehessen. Daniel kapott az ajánlaton és egyből sokkal nagyobb hírnévre tett szert hiszen az All The Right Reasons albumuk felkerült a Billboard lista első helyére is és platina lemezzé is vált.

írta: Praxinah.


2014: No Fixed Address

Million Miles an Hour
Edge of a Revolution
What Are You Waiting For?
She Keeps Me Up
Make Me Believe Again
Get 'Em Up
The Hammer's Coming Down
Miss You
Got Me Runnin' Round
Sister Sin 

2011 - Here And Now 

This Means War
Bottoms Up
When We Stand Together
Midnight Queen
Gotta Get Me Some
Kiss It Goodbye
Trying Not to Love You
Holding on to Heaven
Everything I Wanna Do
Don't Ever Let It End

2008 - Dark Horse

Something in your mouth
Burn it to the ground
Gotta be somebody
I'd come for you
Next go round
Just to get high
Never gonna be alone
Shakin' hands
If today was your last day
This afternoon

2005 - All the Right Reasons

Follow you home
Fight for all the wrong reasons
Savin' me
Far away
Next contestant
Side of a bullet
If everyone cared
Someone that you're with

Lee Seung Chul

2013 - My Love

Recalling You

Aaron Pritchett

2010 - In The Driver's Seat

Walk All Over Me
Light It Up
Coming Clean
She's Going Somewhere
Livin' It Up
You and Me
Worth the Wait
Morning After the Night Before
Wild One
I Want to Be in It with You 

My Darkest Days

2010 - My Darkest Days

Can't Forget You

Faber Drive

2009 - Can't Keep a Secret

You and I Tonight
I'll Be There

Yakup Trana

2009 - FMSR

Sherry St. Germain 

2009 - Kick Out The Lights

Get Stoned
Question The Moon

Burn Halo

2009 - Burn Halo

Dirty Little Girl
Save Me
Here With Me
Too Late To Tell You Now
So Addicted
Dead End Roads & Lost Highways
Saloon Song
Our House
Fallin' Faster
Back to the Start


2009 - Tiny Pictures

Underneath The Radar
Man Overboard
Your Song
Make Believe
This Is Where My Heart Is
Better Side of Me
Might Be The End
Conscience & Consequence
All Fall Down
Be There For Me
Another Memory
Make Believe 


2008 - Clean 

The Goodie Squiggee Song
Turn On The Heater
Hard Wired

2006 - When the Aliens Come

 Starz Scarz
The Four Horsemen 
Really Now! 
Mike Crow’s Mailbox of Doom! 
Fumble Fingers 
Pung Yao 
O My God I’m Swelling!
Double FF’s
Techno Bee’z
When the Aliens Come


2002 - A Demon's Dream

Big Church 
Do Da
What The Hell!
Country Maniac 
Domon Fetal Harvest
Got Da Blues
Attack of the Celery Crunchers
Tone Of Darkness
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
Code Red
A Demon's Dream  

1999 - Zone

 7th Dimension 
Fish to LA 

Jet Black Stare

2008 - In This Life

Ready To Roll
I'm Breathing
In This Life
Every Moment
It's Over
Rearview Mirror
I Won't Let Go
Poster Princess
The River
Next To Me

David Anthony Project

2008 - Time

We've Got Time
Caught in This Lie
In Your Eyes
The Rain
Hold On
Heavy Shoulder
Do You Remember
To Feel Your Touch
Save Her
Only Me
Keeps Me Waiting 

Faber Drive

2007 - Seven Second Surgery

24 Story Love Affair
Tongue Tied
Second Chance
Sex and Love
Sleepless Nights (Never Let Her Go)
Killin' Me
When I'm with You
Summer Fades to Fall
Time Bomb
You'll Make It 

Bo Bice

2006 - The Real Thing

The Real Thing
You're Everything
U Make Me Better
Nothing Without You
My World
Remember Me
Hold On to Me
Lie... It's Alright
It's My Life
Willing to Try
Valley of Angels

Theory of a Deadman

2005 - Gasoline

Hating Hollywood
No Way Out
No Surprise
Santa Monica
Better Off
Say Goodbye
Hello Lonely (Walk Away from This)
Me & My Girl
Since You've Been Gone
Hell Just Ain't the Same
Save the Best for Last
In the Middle

Three Doors Down

2005 - Seventeen Days

Right Where I Belong
It's Not Me
Let Me Go
Be Somebody
Landing in London
The Real Life
Behind Those Eyes
Never Will I Break
Father's Son
Live for Today
My World
Here By Me
Here Without You
Away From the Sun 


2003 - Suspect

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