Ted DiBiase Jr.

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  • Theodore Marvin DiBiase Jr.
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  • 1982. november 08.
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  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
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B-CIDE - WWE Universe Anthem Rap (World Record Setting Rap)

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Azért hozzáraktam a videót mert most ő vezeti a WWE-t. Ez a videó egy kis videóklip ahol egy srác rappel a WWE-ről.

You got no chance in hell like I'm Vince McMahon
You could call me Triple H cuz I got the game plan
I could put you in a stunner cuz I'm so Stone Cold
I've been waitin on my moment, Wrestlemania mode
I don't rap like Cena cuz I'm so much meaner
I'm more hardcore in this you could call me Tommy Dreamer
But I'm Dusty Rhodes - I've wined and dined with kings
Like The King Jerry Lawler and his Hall Of Fame ring
You could call me Jim Ross cuz my style's a slobberknocker
I've been known to crush opponents like a splash from Umaga
I ain't a straight edge, nah but I'm a CM like Punk
you could call me Undertaker cuz I'll bury ya in the trunk
I'm like Daniel Bryan I'm screamin YES! YES! YES!
But your too much like AJ, you're a crazy Hoeski mess
I'm a Ryder like Zack, WOO WOO WOO
and Michael Cole's so annoying, how you like that!?
I'm a Funkasaurus Rex call me Brodus Clay
But I'm a giant in this rap like the Great Kali
You could call me Dolph Ziggler cuz I'm makin a name
I've been through hell fire and brimstone like my man Kane
and I could give you the cobra like Santino Morella
But I'd be more like Sheamus if I was callin ya fella
I ain't in movies like The Rock but my elbow's for the people
you could call me Dibiase cuz I'm starring in the sequel
I ain't Alberto Delrio or Ricardo Rodriguez
But I'm rollin in the Royce you could see me with my people
I speak the Truth like R, so where is Little Jimmy?
He was ail up in the back tryin to steal Delrio's Bentley
So he' gonna need a lawyer, we could call up Otunga
But I hear he's not that good he will only bring us under
I'll announce you to the ring like my name was Howard Finkel
But I'm more like Mark Henry cuz I'll pop ya like a Pringle
I'm like Christian in a match fightin TLC
and I could get ya in the Killswitch for the 1, 2, 3
If Wrestlemania's the place and you think your Tough Enough
You can train with Bill Demott and he will always beat you up
Get you on the ropes fightin pillar to post
and I don't care if I'm disqualified for applying a choke
I'm the best there is, the best there was, the best there will be
You would think I'm Bret Hart but I'm B-C-I-D-E
A spin a roony like I'm Booker T, Greg The Hammer, JYD
The Brooklyn Brawler, Buddy Rose, The Bushwackers, and Butch Reed
I'm goin old school but they got the F out
way before the Kofi Kingston's and the Damian Sandow's
I'm talkin bout Hulk Hogan slammin Andre The Giant
at Wrestlemania III they almost started a riot
The Iron Sheik's camel clutch parallelizing opponents
And Sgt. Slaughter burnin Hogans shirt got us all goin
The Ultimate Warrior going back and forth on the ropes
and The Macho Man's jumpin off the top with an elbow
Cactus Jack with a barbed wire bat to the face
Foley is God for all the bumps that he takes
How bout HBK superkickin Jannetty
through the barbershop window we really weren't ready
but then the Attitude Era came and kicked from the past
and Stone Cold Steve Austin opened up a can of whoop ass
people always shoutin Austin 3:16
after he beat Jake The Snake at The King Of The Ring
and then DX came out they wanted to invade
WCW like an Army brigade
and the McMahons had won The Monday Night War
It was finally over, but people wanted more
This the WWE Universe in this verse
I'm a fan for life and I could never revert

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