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Jason Chen x Marie Digby - One Call Away (Charlie Puth cover)

Jason Chen x Marié Digby - Hotline Bling (Drake cover)

Marie Digby - Diamond Eyes

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Directed by Early Morning Rebel :

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This video was directed by my good friends in Early Morning Rebel. You can watch some of their other incredible videos here:
We shot this in Downtown LA in a gorgeous warehouse..I hope you enjoy. xo

Diamond Eyes - produced by Brian West

Marie Digby - Vanish

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I hope you all enjoy this music video for Vanish!! I was very inspired by my extensive travels through Asia and especially, traditional Thai and Cambodian dance and costume. This is the first single off of my brand new EP Chimera. I'm beyond excited to be sharing this with you all =)

Vanish directed by Kii Arens

Choreographed by Ginger Broussard

Dancers - Hannah Blake, Christine Engelfried, Kirsten Marbert, Tiffany Panhilason

Vanish - produced by Brian West

Special thanks to my Patreon Family -

Ardy Cruz, Patrick, Michael Henry, Westley Nguyen, Michael Hertelendy, Roy Furukawa, Sam Samera, Bruce Konzak, Amir, Albert Patrick, Brian Vo, Patrick Nolan, Steve Odell, William Cao, Hua, Ronald Yau, Tammy, Joshua Kim, Mike Binder, H3

Marie Digby - Lovesick Sunday

Ryan Farish & Marie Digby - Round and Round

Marie Digby introduces Formula X at Sephora - Summer Collection

Marie Digby - Korewa

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In case you were wondering, 'korewa' means 'this is' in Japanese =)
This song is an original song off of my album 'Winter Fields'! Hope you enjoy it. Josh and I shot this all in beautiful Malibu CA.

Video directed and filmed by: Josh Madson @InstaJoshMadson

Marie Digby - Empire (Shakira cover)

Marie Digby - Neon Rain Teaser

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