DVD Jewel Live @ RialtoSquareTheatre (28-November-2006)

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Jewel Live @ RialtoSquareTheatre (28-November-2006)

Source:PBS HD Capture (I don't have the exact details; hope that's okay) > Vegas Video 7> DVD Architect 4.0

Video Attributes: 9.8MBPS CBR 720x480 NTSC 16:9 (Anamorphic)
Audio Attributes: PCM

Part One:

Three time Grammy-nominated performer Jewel is best known for her charismatic live performances. In this episode, Jewel performs at the historic Rialto Theater with an ethereal backdrop and, at times, is accompanied by a chamber orchestra. In part one of this Soundstage special Jewel not only performs her well-known hits but she also showcases her vast vocal styling by performing standard classics such as Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes” and the aria “Per La Gloria d'Adorarvi.”

Running Time: 54min 18sec

1. Introduction
2. Near you Always
3. Passing Time
4. 1,000 Miles Away
5. Little Sister
6. The New Wild West
7. Get Ready Boy
8. Who Will Save Your Soul
9. Goodbye Alice in Wonderland
10. I'm Sensitive
11. Hands
12. Satellite
13. Anything Goes
14. Credits

Part Two:
Soundstage is pleased to welcome back Jewel for the conclusion of her two-part Soundstage performance. Whether she is yodeling or singing an aria, Jewel puts her own unique blended style into her music. Performing in this hour “Foolish Games,” "Satellite” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” Jewel has managed to put her life’s retrospective into her well-crafted songs, which are influenced by many music genres including rock, pop, country, jazz and classical. This unique performance by Jewel is one that is not to be missed.

Running Time: 54:18


1. Introduction
2. Morning Song
3. Grey Matter
4. Violet Eyes
5. Life Uncommon
6. Sometimes It Be That Way
7. Race Car Driver
8. Foolish Games
9. You Were Meant for Me
10. Intuition
11. Per la Gloria D'adorarvi
12. Over the Rainbow
13. Chime Bells


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